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More information about evolutionary tricycles for babies

An evolutionary tricycle is a perfect three-wheeled children's vehicle for boys and girls to use and learn to ride before they have their first bicycle. Evolutionary baby tricycles are those that evolve according to the growth of the child, that is, it is a product that grows with the little ones.

The function of the evolutionary tricycle is to adapt to the age and development of the baby, so initially this type of vehicle can have the same use as a pushchair or pram. So with it you can take the little one, run your errands, walk in the park while he looks forward discovering new things or looks towards you, depending on the model, to feel safer during the walk. At tuc tuc we have a small range with the most complete evolutionary tricycles on the market. We select and create the best.

It depends on the type of tricycle design, but in general, the minimum age in some models is 6 months, since it is assumed that at this stage the baby can sit and hold that position with more stability. The models that we have in tuc tuc are recommended for babies from 9 months of age. But being evolutionary, they accept between 9 and 25 kg of weight.

They have a folding handlebar, two handlebar control systems, a 360º rotating seat, an adjustable and extendable 3-point harness, a 3-position hood, a 3-position reclining... and much more.

Since, with the aim of exhaustively controlling the quality of all our childcare products and products for children, we have the guarantee granted by the test, control and evaluation of the AIJU (Technological Institute of Toys), an entity whose task is to promote research, safety and quality within the toy sector. This institution has the accreditation granted by ENAC, an official notified body in the European Union.