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La empresa

An entertaining fantasy world

This is our lifestyle. A style that was born in 1994 from the energy and business spirit of Marisa Sotés and Miguel Cadarso and which is represented in the five continents.

Today we still have the same enthusiasm and freshness in every new collection of children's fashion and products for babies, investing great effort and dedication to creating and designing products that exceed our customers' expectations.

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Inspired by the fantasy worlds and fun that surrounds children


tuc tuc is a brand synonymous with creativity and design in children's fashion and products for babies.

We are there for every moment that parents and children share: in play, in going for strolls, at meal times, when waking up and going to bed. We are witness to the development of those that are and will always be our inspiration: children.

We value the happiness of children and the reassurance and comfort of parents. That is why we create products with an entertaining style, at the same time taking into account the quality and usability of our products.

Where to find tuc tuc

The tuc tuc stores hope you will enjoy the space, which is in keeping with our spirit and where our aim is for you to feel good.

You will also find us in the best stores in the sector of children's fashion and products for babies, an essential part of the company's success.


Sensitivity and responsibility for our environment

In tuc tuc work about 300 people, of whom 183 work in open and collaborative physical work spaces that project the hallmarks of our identity. Our activity generates more than 800 indirect jobs.

Our workforce is 88% female, which makes us especially in tune with the work-life balance.

Furthermore, at tuc tuc we have established an Internal Corporate Social Responsibility Code. This commits us to undertaking measures that are socially responsible towards the milieu, the environment, society and the company.

The tuc tuc Code of Conduct is based on international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on children's rights and the applicable conventions of the International Labour Organisation.

A global market

We share the experience of parents and children in 47 countries all over the world. At the moment, 50% of our turnover comes from international markets.

We have our own stores in Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Colombia, Qatar and Taiwan.


Distinctions and awards

Despite our youth, we have considerable prestige in the sector, which has led us to become a leader.

Finalist for the North Zone for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2011 by Ernst & Young.

Family Business Award 2011, from the La Rioja Family Business Association.

Prize for Internationalisation from the La Rioja Chamber of Commerce, in 2009.

Prize for Excellence in Logistics from the ICIL Foundation, in 2008.

Mercurio Marketing Prize in 2007, awarded by the Marketing Club of La Rioja.

EMI Innovation Award in 2007. Marketing and Communication FIMI (International Fair of Children and Youth Fashion Valencia)

Award for the "Best Stand Welcome" in 2003.

Award for the "Best Stand Design" in 2002.

Marisa Sotés Onda Cero Award for "Best Entrepreneur of the Year of La Rioja" in May 2006.

As for the graphic design, tuc reflected his story in a book "An image that leaves a mark," illustrated by Petit Disseny Committee (studio specializing in graphic design corporate image). The book was chosen by the prestigious graphic design yearbook D. GRAPHIC SELECT FROM SPAIN, edition for 2006, as an example of "Best of Spanish graphic design."


Quality in our products

At tuc tuc, complying with the current regulations in terms of quality, product safety and service is especially important to us.

With the aim of exhaustively monitoring the quality of all our childcare products and products for babies, we are guaranteed by the tests, checks and evaluations of the AIJU (Technological Toy Institute), an organisation that works to promote research, safety and quality in the toy sector. This institution is accredited by ENAC, an official body registered in the European Union.

In addition, TUV SUD inspects the quality and safety of the product throughout the whole supply chain, complying with all the legal requirements at world level.

The fashion products are monitored according to the REACH regulations, which prohibit the use of toxic substances in textiles.

We have various certifications, we comply with the main standards and we monitor the labelling work, colour fastness and safety for clasps, zips and laces.