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If you are one of those who are looking for or one of those who are looking for outerwear such as  jackets for your newborn, our knitted, plush or tricot jackets are an excellent option that will cover all your needs from day to day . day and those of your baby. Tuc Tuc jackets , in addition to being thicker than other jackets, have a special design, which is very attractive and attracts attention and can be perfectly combined with leggings, shorts or other accessories for the little ones. Of course, and how can it be otherwise, the most important thing, as it is a jacket, is that it keep your baby warm, comfortable and warm on the coldest days of the year, an objective that it more than meets because they have been designed for it.

What kind of jackets for newborn can you find in our online store?

At Tuc Tuc , we are known for offering a wide range and variety of colors, as well as prints of all kinds for different kinds of newborns and tastes, which will allow you to find that perfect jacket that combines optimally and perfectly with the garments. of your baby With a wide variety of shapes that range from more classic colors such as pink, blue, white or gray to the most daring and modern patterns with circles or prints designed in a creative and fun way, we have a wide range of options and possibilities for everyone. tastes, styles and types of babies that exist. In addition to being very attractive and visually appealing to all types of public and buyers, our jackets for newborns stand out for being the softest, most comfortable and comfortable to the touch, which will make your baby feel very comfortable and protected with them when wearing a Tuc Tuc garment . As you know, choosing a garment for babies is not something that should be done in a hurry and with little thought, it requires reviewing all the aspects and conditions that determine whether a jacket is worth buying or not. We know how important it is for jackets to be soft and delicate to guarantee the well-being of babies and their skin, so it is something we take into account when making our designs. Likewise, we have made a careful selection with great care of the safest materials and those that best adapt to the vulnerable nature that all newborns have in their first months of life for the mere fact of being newborns, fulfilling the task of protecting them. at any time, place, period, season or season of the year without distinction.

Our jackets are also characterized by being very easy to wash and maintain, anyone who knows how a washing machine works can do it without any difficulty, so you won't have to worry about the care and maintenance of the clothes you buy. With Tuc Tuc you will be able to enjoy the garments for a long time because they are resistant to all types of washing. In summary, our jackets for newborns are an excellent option if you are looking for comfortable, safe, visually attractive, durable outerwear with a distinctive touch. We invite you to take a look at our wide selection of coats and find the jacket that best suits what you have in mind and the needs of your baby.

Our variety of boleros and jackets for newborns clearly maintains the same spirit and consistency. The same spirit that all our collections have shared to date, because, through our original prints, one of the most outstanding hallmarks of our brand, we convey the freedom, daring and fantasy that are inspired by everyday life. Tuc Tuc children's day . These prints, which have become a characteristic feature of the brand's personality, allow us to convey the freedom, daring and fantasy that children have for the mere fact of being children. This collection of boleros and jackets for newborns is yet another example of our unwavering commitment to quality and creativity, and our desire to offer the little ones in the house unique, special and quality.

Why should you trust a brand like tuc tuc to buy newborn jackets ?

Since our beginnings and first steps, we have constantly maintained our hallmarks, betting on original and colorful prints that convey the freedom, daring and fantasy that are part of the world of children for the mere fact of being so. These prints, unique and with a high design component, are the result of our passion and commitment to creativity and innovation, being the support points that allow us to offer unique and special garments for the little ones at home. In this collection of boleros and jackets for newborns , we have applied our commitment to quality and creativity, using soft and resistant materials that guarantee the comfort and safety of your baby at all times and under all conditions. circumstances, without exception. In addition, each garment has been designed with the utmost care and has been carefully crafted to offer a unique and different style that fits the personality of each baby whatever their needs may be. We invite you to discover our wide variety of options and choose the garment that fits your little one perfectly!

And if the weather suddenly changes, don't worry, because the delivery times for the jacket you buy in tuc tuc are very reasonable. The usual delivery time for Spain is between 1 and 3 working days from the date of placing the order. For the Canary Islands between 4 and 10 days. Except in promotional and holiday periods (Long Bridges, Holidays, Easter and Christmas) in which said period could increase to a maximum of 10 working days for reasons of volume of orders and transport. In addition, in these special periods, the delivery time may vary due to the number of orders and transportation. Therefore, it is important that you take these delivery times into account to ensure that your jacket arrives on time and without delay. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on delivery times.

The Code of Conduct is fundamental for all of us who work at Tuc Tuc , in addition, it is based on international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the applicable conventions of the Organization Labor International, as well as the principles of respect, dignity, equality, integrity and responsibility. This means that all Tuc Tuc workers must respect and ensure compliance with human rights, treat others with respect and dignity, and act responsibly and honestly without exception. This includes an ongoing commitment to uphold the law, not discriminate against anyone, not abuse others, not accept or offer bribes, and not engage in illegal or immoral activities. In addition, tuc tuc workers must scrupulously respect the privacy of others, not using the information they receive for their own benefit, and not sharing confidential information with third parties.