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For a girl, wearing a skirt is the most normal and wearable thing in the world. They are garments that favor them a lot and with which they are comfortable and cute. If it's girls' skirts you're looking for, we have items that are ideal for ages 3 to 14, featuring fun designs and the attractive colors of our collections.

You can choose any of our girls skirts, whether knitted, tulle, plush, denim, lycra, lace, or poplin, or why not? also a skirt-trousers or a pareo-skirt. With all of them you will have freedom of movement and a fresh image.

Our skirts go perfectly with tuc tuc shirts, blouses, and t-shirts, but also with jackets and jumpers. In this way, it is easier to make infinite combinations (in truth, as many as you have clothes in the closet).

But it is not enough for us that our little people are happy today. We want that when they grow up, they find a better world in which to develop. For this reason, at tuc tuc we have established an Internal Code of Corporate Social Responsibility, with which we commit ourselves to carry out socially responsible actions towards the surroundings, the environment, society, and the company.