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Now you can dress your baby girl and make her look elegant, comfortable, and fun at the same time, with the baby girl trousers from the tuc tuc range.

At tuc tuc we have a wide variety of designs for your girl, both for long-leg pants and shorts, all of them with our unmistakable style, based on interesting shapes, stimulating prints and intense and bright colors.

To choose the best trousers for your baby girl, you can choose between denim, plush or twill fabrics; and some are even pirate-style so she can keep her ankles cool. This way you will be sure that you are going to find the perfect model for the climate in which your baby lives, with all the comfort that she needs and the style that you both like.

And, whatever the fabric, they will all look great when you combine them with the t-shirts, shirts, jackets, and boleros from the range of baby clothes.

With tuc tuc garments you cannot fail, because comfort, design and fun have been part of our DNA since 1994, always inspiring us in the worlds of fantasy and fun that surround children.