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Art. 10 LSSI:  www.tuctuc.com is an Internet domain pertaining to NATH 2004, S.L., based at C/Amsterdam, 4, 43870, Amposta, Tarragona (Spain) with TIN ES B-50988492, registered in Tarragona Trade Registry in Volume 3210, Sheet 177, Page T-55849, 1st Inscription.


This Legal Disclaimer regulates the use of the aforementioned domain.

Using this website implies the User accepts the conditions of use included in this Disclaimer and our 'Data Protection and Privacy' and 'Use of Cookies' policies. Should particular services, content and/or tools offered through this 'Portal' require specific Terms, then the User shall be made aware of these.

Furthermore, NATH 2004, S.L.states that both the content and services in this website and the Terms of Use may be modified without prior warning.


2. Terms of Use

The User undertakes to provide true, precise and full information about their identity when accessing the sections that require said information to accede. Additionally, the User undertakes to keep the personal information they provide to the domain holder current; thus, any liability for falsehoods or impreciseness lies with the User.

For minors, permission needs to be obtained from parents, tutors or legal guardians to access the services provided. NATH 2004, S.L. bears no responsibility should any information in this matter prove inexact or false.

The 'Portal' may only be used for legal purposes, thus the user is obliged to use the portal in a lawful and honourable manner in accordance with the present General Terms of Use. The User may not use 'Portal' services for any activities which are contrary to Spanish legislation, morals or public order. The User assumes full liability for any damages, with regard to the domain holder or third parties, which may arise from practices which are illegal or not permitted, amongst others but not limited to:

  • Manipulating or altering this website without prior consent from the domain holder, with this latter being held harmless for any liability that may arise from said manipulation or alteration by third parties
  • Performing any act that may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the Portal or services and/or impede normal use or usage by Users
  • Adding and/or Using computer programs, data, defective files, viruses, malicious code, computers or telecommunications or other equipment, whatever their nature, which may damage the Portal, any of its services or any information system assets (physical or logical) pertaining to the domain holder
  • Violating third party rights to privacy, their image, data protection, secret in communications, to intellectual and industrial property.
  • Hiding or falsifying the source of electronic mail messages
  • Using fake identities or identity theft when using the Portal or any of the services
  • Reproducing, distributing, modifying or copying the contents of this site without authorisation from the domain holder or being legally authorised so to do.
  • Transferring User names and passwords to unauthorised third parties

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In general, the domain holder is to be held harmless for damages of any type that may arise from using the website, in addition to any damages arising from Users violating the Intellectual or Industrial Property Rights and/or the lack of veracity, preciseness or timeliness of the content; nor may responsibility be accrued for any interruption in service, incorrect operations or service access proving impossible.

The domain holder shall be held harmless for any damages caused by the presence of viruses or other prejudicial software which may effect alterations to the computing system belonging to the User.

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The provider expressly authorises third parties to directly redirect to specific content in the website, which in any case means redirecting to the main website pertaining to the provider.

3. Use of Cookies

As the website owner, NATH 2004, S.L.  states that they use automatic information gathering procedures to keep a record of the Users who visit their website. Click here to access our cookie policy.

If you want to know how Google treats your data, access the following link: How Google uses your data.

4. Data protection

Consult our personal data protection policy here.

5. Applicable Legislation

The current Terms are governed at all times by the provisions of Spanish legislation.