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It's not all about clothes and shoes. Everything around your baby is important. And everything can be as beautiful, cheerful, and fun as it is useful. All accessories for baby boys can have bright colours, interesting designs and be designed to live in a more stimulating environment.

From caps, visors, or bathroom visors, whether they are made of denim, knitted, poplin or reversible, that protect you from the sun; even sunglasses, knitted bandanas or pacifier holder scarves. And if what you must protect it from is the cold, you can do it with muslin or knitted blankets full of colour and patterns.

And in the same way that your baby can dress in a tuc tuc, you can also dress her little chair with the light mats and the spring and summer bags that we offer you. Fresh and stimulating accessories for baby boys, like everything that bears our hallmark. Our intention is always to offer a quality service, and in the best of cases, also a smile.

Since, with the aim of exhaustively controlling the quality of all our childcare products and products for children, we have the guarantee granted by the test, control, and assessment of the AIJU (Technological Toy Institute), an entity whose work is promote research, safety, and quality within the toy sector. This institution has the accreditation granted by ENAC, an official notified organism in the European Union.