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As soon as it starts to get sunny and warm, the girls are looking forward to going to the beach, the river, or the pool to bathe and have fun. We, at tuc tuc, too, because we love seeing girls in our girls' swimsuits, filling everything with colour and joy.

That's why summer is one of our favourite times and that's why we have a lot of swimwear designs for girls between 3 and 14 years old.

From swimsuits and lycra skirts, to better protect from the sun, especially for younger girls or those with particularly sensitive skin, to swimsuits, culottes, bikinis, trikinis or swim shorts with fun, stimulating and colourful designs.

As you can see, we think of everything, and that's because at tuc tuc a team of more than 300 people has been working for 20 years to ensure the best combination of attractive and consistent design; quality in materials and production processes; of the best customer service; competitive prices and surrounding children with a stimulating environment.

Look how beautiful all the designs are and imagine how well they will look on your little one. Don't think twice and order them today. Shipping costs are not a problem, look for amounts greater than 50 euros shipping is free and for minors only €4.95.