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Nobody likes boring sneakers. And the children, least of all. As you can see, children's footwear follows the current of resistance to proof of enjoyment.

We all remember those shoes that we were so excited to wear when we were little. With these slippers we have conquered planets, we have opened unexplored routes from our garden to the garden of the next block of buildings, we have danced in our living room to the Paris opera and we have even unearthed treasures on the most remote beaches. Our shoes have been part of our childhood and that is why we have a special affection for them. Those models with velcro straps were amazing and served as vehicles to transport us to very distant worlds. From what you can see on the internet and judging by the prices paid, we weren't the only ones who loved those sneakers. We cannot promise that our children's footwear will reach 5,000 euros on the internet in the future, but what we can guarantee is that with the  footwear that you will find in tuc tuc your children's feet will always be properly protected, according to a the latest trends in footwear.

At tuc tuc we are fully aware that we work with a material that is fragile and delicate. We know that your child's feet require the utmost care and attention and that is why we only offer you models that meet all guarantees. Our footwear is made with the highest quality materials that meet all the requirements and our workers take the utmost care in all the details. The children's footwear that we produce in tuc tuc is analyzed with a magnifying glass in all its phases of footwear production to offer you articles in the form of slippers, boots or flip-flops that do not alter the development of your child's foot.

As you can see in our online store we have a wide range of shoe models for children. In tuc tuc you will find everything you are looking for and all with a super fun style. We have models in all types of  footwear for children of all ages. If you already know tuc tuc , you will have already realized that our brand is distinguished by applying its own highly colorful and very cheerful style in all its garments and applications. Our children's footwear is no exception in this regard and follows this same pattern. We have boots with octopus illustrations that are super cute for younger children or sandals with a more sporty style for those children who are a little older. In our children's footwear section you will find everything you need to fit children between 3 and 14 years of age.

At tuc tuc we have been offering the best solutions in  children's footwear since 1994. We are a brand that has been in the market for almost 3 decades and knows what it is doing. All our products are made by qualified professionals who have extensive experience in their profession and high quality standards. We are not satisfied with offering you anything and we only put on the market footwear that we would put on our own children.

Making shoes for children of this age is an art. The soles are a fundamental part of footwear for people of any type, but more so for children. A correct footprint will undoubtedly help your child's foot to develop correctly. Our soles are solid, resistant and guarantee that your child treads correctly on all terrains. Rubber soles or similar materials are ideal for providing traction on smooth or slippery surfaces. Also, be careful with shoes with soles that are too smooth. They can increase the risk of slips and falls, which can be dangerous for young children.

Our  children's footwear is made with fabrics that are highly breathable and flexible. We make our sneakers, boots and sandals only with the highest quality materials such as soft leather, suede or breathable synthetic materials. All of them are very good alternatives to keep your child's feet cool and protected, while being well supported. At tuc tuc we pay attention to the smallest detail to offer your little one's feet everything they need. As you will be able to see for yourself when you receive the footwear you have ordered, our footwear is super soft to the touch and extremely comfortable.

When it comes to choosing a number for your  child's footwear, choose numbers that adapt correctly to your child's foot. Don't go overboard or go short. Shoes that are too big often cause discomfort such as blisters, while shoes that fit too tightly or are too small cause pain and limit a child's ability to move.

At tuc tuc you will find a wide range of  children's footwear, each model with its own characteristics that will cover the specific needs of each season of the year. We have models for rain, models for sunny days, models for halftime that will adapt to the weather needs of each moment or each place. We have flip flops in multiple models for summer. We have boots that will keep your child warm and protected from the cold winter. Whatever type of footwear you opt for, with us your child will always wear footwear that gives you the maximum guarantees.

As you have probably already guessed, we are a responsible company and we apply the utmost rigor in the production process of our footwear and garments. At tuc tuc we only use materials that comply with all current regulatory obligations both nationally and internationally. We can state with satisfaction that we scrupulously comply with all the current safety and comfort regulations of the most demanding independent agencies. Proof of this is that our products have the TUV SUD certificate, which guarantees their quality and safety.

In tuc tuc we have a lot of super fun options of the highest quality at a single click. Take a look at our  footwear section with your child and choose the model that you like best. Allow us some advice, if you are very interested in a certain shoe, boot or flip-flop, do not take too long to buy it, you run the risk of running out! Get now the shoes you have chosen. Buying in our online store is very, very simple and has a lot of advantages. With tuc tuc the shipments arrive very quickly. In national orders - with the exception of the Canary Islands - you will have your order at the door of your house in a period not exceeding 3 working days.

We are a children's clothing brand that has been working at full capacity for almost three decades. We are currently present in more than 49 countries around the planet, responding to the demands of moms and dads from all over the world. Since 1994 we have not stopped growing because we listen to our clients. If you have any kind of doubt or simply want to make a contribution, do not hesitate to contact us through our customer service. We will be delighted to help you resolve any questions you may have or take note of your comments and suggestions.