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Nobody likes boring sneakers. And the children, least of all. As you can see, children's footwear follows the current of resistance to proof of enjoyment.

The tuc tuc footwear line is aimed at children with a foot between size 24 and 35. It seeks to be light, comfortable and, above all, zero percent bland. But that is something you already take for granted.

That is why we transfer the spirit of our brand and our design to the different options of sneakers, denim sports shoes and lycra shoes, and to all the models of leatherette flip-flops and fun crab sandals.

Because their path is long, and in one day they do not stop moving from here to there; and that is why boys’ footwear must be in accordance with their personality and provide comfort, freshness, lightness, and good vibes.

Through our original prints, the brand's hallmark, we convey the freedom, daring and fantasy that serve as inspiration in the daily lives of tuc tuc children.

We also like to get out of the house. That's why we share the experiences of parents and children in 47 countries around the world. Right now, 50% of our turnover comes from international markets.