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Are you looking for newborn´s footwear? In tuc tuc we do not forget the little feet of your little creature. Because we are very clear that fitting her feet with comfortable, light, and soft footwear is just as important than dressing her properly.

For this reason, the range of newborn´s shoes that we present to you is diverse, and includes sports shoes, sandals, and boots for newborns. All products in materials chosen with care because we know how important the first clothes are.

All of them are light, comfortable, and unmistakably suitable for newborns, and they present the colours, designs and prints that convey the spirit and inspiration that drives everything we do.

We keep intact the same enthusiasm and freshness in each new collection of children's fashion and baby products, investing a great deal of effort and dedication to create and design products that exceed our customers' expectations.

The tuc tuc Code of Conduct is also based on international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the applicable conventions of the International Labor Organization.