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Baby muslins have many uses and will become essential elements in your day to day life. To keep the little one warm, to clean him, as a doudou, to cover the mother during breastfeeding, to cover both the sun and the cold air for the baby in the stroller... The baby will be accompanied in his first months and days of life and family will make your life much easier thanks to its versatility.

You will love the tuc tuc muslins for their delicate colors and light motifs. They are made with cotton (53%) and bamboo fiber (47%).

With tuc tuc childcare products you cannot fail, because comfort, design and fun have been part of our DNA since 1994, always inspiring us in the worlds of fantasy and fun that surround children.

In addition, you can rest assured knowing that, at tuc tuc, we control all our fashion products according to the REACH regulation, which prohibits the use of an exhaustive list of harmful substances that may be present in textile articles.